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I can not add new members that I invited with my invitation code to my security circle. It says "Unsuccessful modifications" since the past few weeks. How can I fix this problem?



You cannot add everyone in your earning team also into your security circle.


Dear project side, I am a pioneer and led 88 people to mine together. I have dug 35080 PI coins, applied for nodes, and set up a private network according to the requirements, applied for public network IP, and asked the network company to manage the domain name to ensure that the IP address remains unchanged. I hope that the official can make my computer a node. I am full of confidence in the future of PI network! thank you!

亲爱的项目方面,我是一位先驱,带领88人一起采矿。我挖了35080 PI硬币,申请了节点,并根据要求建立了专用网络,申请了公共网络IP,并请网络公司管理域名以确保IP地址保持不变。我希望官员可以使我的计算机成为一个节点。我对PI网络的未来充满信心!谢谢!


Thanks! We are scaling up the number of nodes soon. Stay tuned. We really appreciate the hard work of people participating in the availability testing of nodes. Being available is one of the most important metrics, so your work of keeping your nodes active is not going to waste. You are building reputation in the network. We are collecting and storing all availability stats since day 1.


@WuLeewei 的提问:

Why don’t you make it easy.Just make a vote on halving or falling to zero when we hit 10M in app?



Some things require not only soliciting the popular opinions, but also considering advice from experts and carefully debating all pros and cons. For example, would you not ask biologists to develop a vaccine for a virus? There are examples such as the “tragedy of the commons” that suggest that certain proposals are better formed by groups of experts.

We have been soliciting feedback from pioneers for months, have had people speak at the convention about it, we have been talking with experts for a while now as well, and we been discussing it internally as well. We hope to make a rational, scientific choice in the end, holding 100% the interest of the whole network as the goal.



@kumaralok554 的提问:

Sir , when phase 3 start??



We are making progress. We will make announcements. Stay tuned.

@tonytruong 的提问:

We have 1K Nodes in Viet Nam waiting for Enable Blockchain. It's Over 95% and 90days. And Now the Node not Improve % and standby day.



It’s is awesome that you have been a persistent node for so long. Keep up the good job and don’t give up. We will be able support node nodes soon. I am sure that if you have such good stats as you say, you will be selected very soon.


I have 467 pioneers in my earning team, I used to add everyone to my security circle (successfully). Now I remove them because only having 5 members in my security team is enough. But now I just added 4, this will effect my earning rate, please tell me what should I do to make my security circle 100%. I don't understand why it says "Unsuccessful modifications". I didn't have this problem until now.



I see. We implemented a limit on how many different people one can add/remove from their security circle. The limit increases as you continue to mine.



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